Lubricants for railway infrastructure

The Condat Rail Lubricant products are made to strict quality standards offering superior railway infrastructure protection.

Switch plate: “CONDAT BIO SP EVO” – Second generation grease. Sprayable and biodegradable, it is characterized by lubrication spacing of 4 to 5 weeks. It is very resistant to washing and ultraviolet light.

Track side / Wheel flange: “BIO NATUR CURVE 00/1/2” Limits wear and noise. Biodegradable lubricants of different grades for fixed or embedded systems

These products are:

  •  Optimized for operation over extreme temperature ranges
  •  Developed to reduce the applied user costs
  •  Reduce the amount of actual lubricant required
  •  Limit of wear and friction
  •  Reduce noise pollution
  •  Respond to the specifications of railway key customers
  • Can be applied manually or by spraying

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