Lubricants for railway mobility

The Condat Rail Lubricant products are made to strict quality standards offering superior railway mobility.

Buffer Application: “GR 439 G” – Grease used on many European & Global Networks. Complies with the latest UV requirements and approvals from contractors.

  • Axles Application: “GR 196 B” –  Grease resistant to corrosion and washing.
  • Wheel Flange:  “WF G 495 / BioNaturWF68 Oil” – Biodegradable lubricants for the lubrication of embedded systems.

These products are:

  • Optimized for operation over wide temperature ranges
  • Red railway key customers specifications
  • Certified by OEM for onboard lubrication systems
  • Biodegradable according to OCD301
  • Allow the reduction of lubrication used in operations
  • Reduce the wear and friction on wheel flanges
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Optimizes longevity of equipment
  • Reduction in user costs

Wheel Flange oil BIO NATUR WF OIL 68

This oil has made its reputation on the market for many years and on multiple railway networks, thanks to:

  • Excellent anti-wear performance to reduce wear on rails, protect wheel flanges and reduce maintenance costs
  • A very low pour point for use even in cold weather
  • Excellent adhesion of the oil to the surfaces, even in rainy weather to limit consumption
  • Excellent resistance to UV, while avoiding a gumming of the product on the rails
  • A biodegradable formulation to protect the environment

This lubricating oil for wheel flanges conforms to the European railway standard NF-EN 16028 (wheel / rail contact).

Wheel flange grease WF G 495

  • Low temperature performance for use in all latitudes and at any time: (-50 ° C for some formulations)
  • Very good adhesion to surfaces, resistance to ejection and water washout
  • Rapid biodegradability but resistant to oxidation
  • ery good lubricity to limit wear and extreme pressure additives to resist load and shock
  • Miscibility of greases between them and with many elastomers
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